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In accordance with § 55 par. 5 of the Act. 351/2011 Coll. on electronic communications, as amended, we would like to inform you about the use of cookies and draw your attention to the possibility of changing the settings of your internet browser in case the current setting of cookies does not suit you. By using this website with cookies enabled in your browser and setting your local storage, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this policy. To avoid cookies, it is possible to disable them in your web browser. Cookies and local storage are part of web technology and are not harmful. However, you should be aware of the implications they may have on your privacy.


Cookies are small temporary files that are stored on your browsing device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to store certain information on your device, such as storing user preferences or information that allows you to be recognized when you visit the website later.
When a cookie is created on your device, the following information is stored: The address (domain) of the website that created the cookie.
The duration of the cookie (may be only a few minutes or years). Cookie content.

You can configure your web browser to block the use of cookies by certain websites at any time. You can also delete previously stored cookies.
Further information about cookies and how they work is available at


Basic cookies. Technical cookies are necessary to manage your flow on the website or to keep you logged in. If you block the use of cookies, it is possible that some parts of the website may not work properly.
User preference cookies. Necessary to remember certain user preferences.
Analytical cookies. These cookies help us and third parties record where visits come from and how users interact with the site, create analytics and improve the structure and content of the site.

Marketing cookies. These cookies are used to manage the ads displayed, their content and frequency.

Behavioural advertising cookies. These cookies help track your browsing behaviour to create a profile and determine relevant ads for you.

Cookies for sharing on social networks. Cookies are required to log into your social networks to share content.


Local storage is a file created by the website on your device. Cookies are only one type of local storage, but there are others. It is important that you know them so that you can block them or delete the data they store:

Local browser storage. Some websites use “sessionStorage” and “localStorage” to store data. The “sessionStorage” is temporary, but the “localStorage” is permanent. You can delete them by deleting your browser history.

“Flash Local Shared Objects”. Flash is a browser plugin used to add interactive and multimedia content to web pages. Flash can store data on your device.

Silverlight Local Storage (“Isolated Objects”). Silverlight is a browser plugin used to add interactive and multimedia content to web pages. Silverlight can store data on your device.

Web beacon is a tracking method that uses an image embedded in a web page. When your browser connects to the server where the image is located to download it, your access begins to be tracked. Sometimes web beacon files very small or transparent images so the user is not aware of them.


They are necessary for the operation of the website or to remember certain user preferences. We use first-party persistent and temporary cookies:


Our booking system, Bookolo, uses basic technical cookies:
Domain: tba


Many websites contain functions or features provided by third parties, such as:
Analytical tools for monitoring website usage Google Analytics (Google, Inc.) For more information about this third-party privacy policy, click here.
Interactive maps
Google Maps and other features from Google (Google, Inc.). For more information about this third- party privacy policy, click here.
Videos and multimedia features Ads
Providers of these functions or features may use cookies and local storage. They may run cookies and other mechanisms to track your browsing behavior, create profiles, and display ads targeted to your interests.
We have implemented reCAPTCHA v3 on our website and their use is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use available at


Social sharing buttons

There are links on our website that take you to social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). They are used for the following purposes: web analytics, technical, authentication, user preferences, tracking, advertising, location, security and data transfer outside the EU.

Social sharing on Facebook (Facebook, Inc): Twitter’s social sharing features (Twitter, Inc):
Instagram’s social sharing features (Instagram, Inc): Bookolo booking system


If you want to browse this website with a higher degree of privacy and limit cookies that are stored for longer periods of time, we recommend that you use a web browser with a “private” browsing option. For more information about this option, please visit the help pages of the main web browsers:

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Cookies that remain in your browser can be deleted after you leave the site by following the instructions in your browser’s “help” file. You can also set your browser to refuse cookies.
This information is also provided on the online support pages of the respective web browser: For more information about Google Chrome, click here
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NOTE: The company AQUALAND Malé Bielice is entitled to update this Personal Date Protection Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Policy will become effective upon posting of the revised Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookie Policy on the website. Your use of our website, any of our products and services, and/or your provision of consent to the updated Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookie Policy after the policy changes constitutes your agreement to the updated Policy then in effect. This Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookie Policy was last updated on December 13, 2023.